Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story of Moses' mother... Great bible study I can't stop thinking about

I attend a women's bible study on Tuesday mornings with some friends and this year we are learning about women of the bible.  Last week (2 Tuesdays ago) we learned about Jochebed.  She was the mother of Moses.  She gave birth to Moses, a baby boy, during a time that Pharoh made a law to have all Hebrew males under the age of 2 to be killed. Knowing this, Jochebed courageously hid Moses for three months. And when she knew she couldn't hide him any longer she put him in a basket in the Nile river.  When you think about your baby and how much love you had for them at just three months, and how you would do anything to protect them, it's amazing to think that she had to do what she did.  The Nile river is full of anacondas and crocodiles and all sorts of deadly things.  I don't know how long it took for her and her husband to decide that this would be their best option.  I don't know how long it took her to weave the basket that would take her baby down a deadly river.  I don't know how many tears she cried in the moments leading up to the act of giving up her precious baby to the Lord, and how many times she hugged him and kissed him before possibly never seeing him again.  But I do know that she trusted God through it all.  She knew that she could not let her son be murdered because of a law that made no sense.  I also know that God had His hand in everything that happened.  Once she sent her baby out into the river, she was trusting that God would take care of her child and she left him in His hands.  When Pharoh's daughter was bathing in the Nile, she found the baby and Moses' sister Miriam, who was watching to see what would happen to the baby, approached Pharoh's daughter and asked her if she wanted her to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby for her and she said Yes. So Miriam went home and got her mother, Jochebed! Jochebed was reunited with her son to nurse him for about 3 years! What an amazing turn of events.  She used that time to train her son and teach him about God, knowing that he would soon live with the Egyptians and probably never be taught about God again.  Her obedience, again, resulted in amazing events.  Because when Moses grew up, he knew in his heart that the Hebrews were his people and he chose to return to God, all because his amazing mother took advantage of the 3 years that she had with her son.  Jochebed had to give up her son twice now.  And how much more difficult the second time when she has seen him grow, and heard him talk, and seen him walk.  She got to see his personality be formed and get an idea of what kind of man he would grow up to be.  She created memories with him knowing that they would come to an end.  She would have to wonder what he ended up looking like and if he ever married.  She put her faith in the Lord knowing that his life would be written without her in it. Wow, what an incredible woman! It makes me really emotional as a mom to think of ever having to do what Jochebed did, but to know that God has a plan is a very good feeling.  I am excited to look into the lives of other women of the bible and to not just hear the story but to really try and understand the circumstances that made these women truly incredible people!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living a Life Worth Living

So life is still as busy as ever. I'm still learning how to balance this crazy thing I call a schedule.  Here's the thing... I am incredibly busy every day and I know that I'm not being lazy, but am I really doing what I need to do here on earth in order to leave a legacy and lead my child in a real walk with the Lord?  I don't know sometimes.  I pray every single day that God would show me where I need to be in my life and what I need to be doing, whether it's sewing, just being a mommy, wife, and homemaker, going back to 'real' work, or something I haven't thought of.  Every day God assures me that I am where I need to be right now, but am I making the most of what I am doing?  I don't get to have a whole lot of interaction with customers as we all converse online only and I have multiple conversations a day with all different people.  Am I supposed to be  reaching out to every person I talk to? Am I supposed to go deeper into their lives?  Will I ever have any impact on them?  I don't know.  I know that I am supposed be doing this for a reason and right now my reasoning is that I want to stay home with my baby and raise her to have a personal relationship with Jesus. But is there another aspect to it?  Why sewing? Why not home data entry or in-home day care?  I love to sew but I wonder if I'm missing the mark on why I'm really supposed be doing this. 
Here is my typical week: (you really don't need to read the whole week, it's nothing super interesting)
Monday - Addy goes to her grandma's and I start the day by deep cleaning... mopping, dusting, disinfecting, etc... then I go straight to the sewing room to see how much I can do with the little one away.  I usually get a lot done. I try to squeeze in a nap on Mondays too. Monday nights I have a girl's bible study at my friends house a block over and my husband feeds the baby and puts her to bed while I'm there.
Tuesday - Morning women's bible study, I get to carpool with my friends and all our babies in our neighborhood and Starbucks is the first stop! I really LOVE this bible study!! Then come home and put Addy down for a nap and I.... sew! When she wakes up we just play and read and stuff and I do some work on the computer.
Wednesday - Nothing special during the day and at night we have a neighborhood bible study group with all our friends and our home hosts child care.
Thursday - I usually bring Addy into my sewing room in a pack and play or let her crawl/walk around with toys (I have to pick EVERYTHING up off the ground, including - her favorite toy - the trash cans full of fabric scraps. She hangs out with me all day 'helping' me work. (Well I let her push the reverse button on the sewing machine whenever I need to reverse)  :)
Friday - Catch up with whatever I didn't get done that week; laundry, cleaning, sewing, emails....
Saturday - Butch (my husband) usually plays with Addy while I get some work done then at night we go to church. We have a really big church and there are Saturday night and Sunday morning services so we go Saturday night with my in-laws and go to dinner after.
Sunday - Sew like crazy to get all of my Monday orders done! I also try to take a few hours to just relax and spend time with my family.
When I write it all down I feel like there is a lot missing.  I didn't write when I read my bible or any specific activities that I do with my daughter or meals that I make or anything but even still, I feel like there is something else that should be there.  There should be something in my week that stands out and says that I am doing good for this world and I'm making an impact on people and sharing God. But it's just not there.. and I don't even know where I could squeeze it in. So to my concern, I don't want to have to squeeze it in. I want that 'thing' I do to be my priority and everything else gets squeezed in.
When people ask me if it's hard to sew and run this business while having the interruptions of Adelaide and I always say that it's hard to take care of Addy while having the interruptions of sewing and running this business.  I want that for my life story. I want to have an impact and a goal that puts God before all and everything else is secondary. 
I know that God has a plan and He has me where He does for a reason.  So if that reason is just to lead my children and love and support my husband then I will do just that.  But if there is more... well then I'll just have to see what God has in store!