Monday, July 4, 2011

Proverbs 3 and 4

Proverbs 3:5-6 is such an awesome verse!  I find myself leaning on God for the big decisions in life; buying a house, having a baby, moving to Arizona, work, etc.. but in the every day stuff it is quickly forgotten.  When me and Butch are shopping and we see something that we just "have" to have because it's on sale, but we know we wouldn't have bought it if we didn't happen to walk by it in the store, I don't always think about praying about it... in fact, we will even talk about it for hours after leaving the store whether or not we should buy it when all we need to do is ask God.  He knows what is to come and we've learned the hard way, especially with money, that God is the only one who knows whats in store for us.  I don't know how many times we've come into a little bit of extra money and we're thinking "this is awesome! We go shopping and go out to dinner every night this week!"  When shortly after we find out what that money was intended for - like getting pregnant with Addy and no medical insurance, or Butch losing his job, or finding out we owe back taxes.  I just know that in any and every situation in life, if I trust in the Lord with ALL my heart, and don't try and make decisions based on my own understanding, He will direct my path towards His plan for my life.
Again, Proverbs 4 is all about getting wisdom!  There are times that I'm sure we've all been through after that "intense conversation" with our husbands that we think to ourselves: hmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that, or maybe I should have asked him why before I started a yell fest... and that is where the WISDOM would have come in handy!! It's easy to look back and critique what happened and what you could have done differently, but where change happens is in the "intentional".  It's when you see that an argument may arise and you stop to pray before hand.  And during you continue to pray that God will show you His heart and use His words because every time I use my words and lean on my own wisdom I seem to fail.  I can't do it alone, none of us can, but for some reason we always try and it just doesn't get the same results. 
Continue to trust in the Lord and pray for wisdom.

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  1. Heidi, what a great encouragement to me today, thank you. Over the past year I have noticed the discernment that comes with the fruit of the Spirit. In trying to fellowship with the Spirit all day I find myself being convicted more and more. "Is this honoring God?" I ask myself. Especially when I feel "justified" in responding or acting a certain way, I have to take pause. Sometimes I still give into a knee-jerk response and can usually immediately see how not following the conviction of the Spirit makes the situation worse. Today I'm thanking God for His patience with me! Be blessed Rene