Sunday, July 31, 2011

Babies are a dog's best friend

My daughter has been crawling for a couple of months now and she is just a little bigger than our two dogs.  She plays in the dog crate, makes several attempts a day to eat dog food, and she play tug-of-war with them and their rope... literally! She even does this weird sound that I could never figure out what it was - until she was sitting with a dog and the dog would bark and she would make that sound, then the dog would bark and she would make that sound again and I realized that she is BARKING!! Sometimes she wakes up from her naps barking into the baby monitor.  It is quite hilarious! Oh I love this little girl SO MUCH!! She just cracks me up!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation... how could I pass up this scenery!!

So I went camping with my husband and baby and we met my in-laws who were up there all week.  It was such a needed getaway and I enjoyed every wonderful minute!! I couldn't pass up the scenery so we did a little photo shoot and Adelaide looks like a doll! She seriously needs to get into some modeling :)   (Ok I know every parent says that about their babies!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Twirl Skirt

Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcom to my World!

Most days I spend crawling on the floor with the cutest baby in the world! She would play Peek-A-Boo for hours if I let her.  She pushes anything that moves (her walker, chairs, books, her high chair, etc...) across the living room floor and usually ends up in the kitchen or the other way around.  She laughs with all her heart when our dogs growl or bark or make any kind of noise at all.  Although I love to sew and it is a means for me to stay home with my daughter, I feel like I can never spend enough time with her.  She makes me so incredibly joyful and thankful every new day with her!  Today, my friend Jessica came over to work with me (our husbands were having daddy-daughter time with our girls) and we were saying how much we love doing our businesses but when they conflict with spending time with our girls, those little babies of ours win every time!  When I need to get caught up on orders and really do need to spend some serious time sewing, I realize that Addy is never in the way, it's the sewing that gets in the way of my "play time".  I pray every single day that God will continue to guide me and show me signs that I should keep sewing by giving me motivation, encouragement, and of course sales, and He has blessed me greatly in these areas.  I hope that this balance of running a business and parenting can continue for a long time so that I can express my creativity and continue to create for my "Adelaide" customers who continually come back for more. 
I wanted to share my office with you guys and show you the small, yet wonderful space that I have to create my dresses.  I haven't picked out a paint color and there is still a LOT of organizing to do as every single nook and cranny is stuffed with fabric and I am quickly overflowing my room!
My husband thinks it's funny that I have 2 chairs for just me but it seriously does help me to move back and forth from my surger to my sewing machine quickly when I need to.  And yes, I feel like I run a fabric store sometimes but what can I say??  I always have my newest creation hanging on the side of my fabric shelf (see if you can spot it).   And that HUGE pile of dresses in the making... 18 to be exact.... makes me feel like I'm running a sweat shop!  Until the rest of my sizing tags come in the mail, the post-its safety pinned to the dresses with sizes on them will have to do for now :)  Unless major changes occur (like pregnancy of quadruplets) I don't think Adelaide's Boutique will be going anywhere for a long time - BUT, I will not stop praying for guidance every day.

Monday Mixer Harvest Patchwork OOAK dress

Monday Mixer is up!! This is a One of a Kind dress and it's ready to ship!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Vintage Rose Dress is back for a Limited time!!!

Monday Mixer Harvest Dress OOAK

 This is the Mixer Dress for Monday! It is One of A Kind patchwork dress that will never be re-created or re-made.  Your daughter will have the only one out there! It fits 12mo - 2T.  Measurements will be posted with dress on Monday on my Etsy Site.`````

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ok I'm losing it - I made 3 dresses not 2! :)

..I'm on a roll!!....

While the Facebook auction is still going on for Barnyard Baby I made 2 new dresses!! Addy looks so adorable I have to say :)

Auction Album is Up!

Go to my fan page to bid on Barnyard Baby RTS dress size 9-12mo or 18-2T as swing top.  (Shipping not included) Bidding starts at just $1.00
Click this post heading to go to my site. Bidding ends at 8pm tonight.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am doing my first auction for my.... yet again new Facebook fan page... :)  I will be auctioning off a Ready to Ship Barnyard Baby Dress size 9-12mo or 18-24mo as swing top.  The bidding will start at only $1.00!! Share with your friends! Go to :  and start your bidding at 8am Pacific Time!

The last 10 Months!!!

I wouldn't say that I'm exactly ready to have another baby, but putting away yet another pile of clothes that Addy has grown out of gets me sad.  I just can't believe how fast time is going by! I know everyone says that all the time but it feels like a lifetime ago that I had this tiny little newborn baby.  She was so small and practically always sleeping and oh... the falling asleep in my arms! That was the best!  I get so emotional pretty much every month that she gets older and I realize that she will never be this small again.  The way that she laughs just because I smile at her won't last for much longer.  Me and Butch want a big family so I know that, God willing, we will have those feelings and experiences again - but this, right now, just needs to slow down a little.  I love this little girl with all of my heart and am so blessed to have her in my life.  Every day I love her more and more and, although I'm really excited for the future I just want to enjoy this moment in time with her and Butch.
We are far from being financially well off, our house is FAR from being done, our cars (especially mine) can really suck sometimes, I sleep only a handful of hours each week, but I still love my life!  I can't imagine being anywhere else in life right now and I feel like it's not even fair how blessed I am.  I am thankful for my daughter and husband and all of our love.
Happy 10 months Addy!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Barnyard Baby!

Ok I'm not really the biggest fan of animals on kid's clothing... let alone barnyard animals... but for some reason this fabric caught my eye and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  Figures it's one of my favorite dresses to date!!

My Mommy Life...

I really hope that I am not missing the mark with what I am supposed to be doing each day.  I definitely find myself having 'guilty mom syndrome' quite often, wondering if I'm not playing with Addy enough, or reading to her enough, or showing her enough love... and yet the days that I do, I just think that I'm a bad mom for spoiling her!  I know that God has a plan laid out for my life and I really, really want to follow that plan!  I pray every day for guidance and encouragement and wisdom, but I think I'm so busy talking sometimes that I don't give enough time to "listening"!  I know that there are clear signs right in front of my face sometimes and instead of seeing them I just see my own ambitions and wants and tend to take things into my own hands.  My understanding of what a "good mom" is is nothing short of perfection.  I know in my heart that it's not true, but I still strive for this goal of being a perfect mom - which I know the goal isn't bad, it's good - but when I don't measure up I feel like I've failed.  Is there a mom out there who doesn't feel like this or is it all part of the job?
I really love any and all encouragement from other moms and, of course, reading the bible and what God's view of a mom should be is such an encouragement.  I'm going to continue to strive for this goal but I hope and pray that my heart will listen to God and not Heidi when it comes to making decisions. 
I LOVE being a mom so much more than I ever thought a person could love something, but whoever said that being a mom is the best and the Hardest job ever is sooo right!! It comes with some inevitables like lack of sleep, tiredness, being awake too long.... are these the same things??  But when I see that cute little face, I just think "ahh, I can't wait to have more!"
(*Keep reading those Proverbs!! 13 was a really good one! I'll try to catch up on blogs soon.)