Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proverbs 6 and 7

I'm going to go a little bit off topic tonight.  Again, reading these proverbs each day are a constant reminder and encouragement for how I should act and respond.  I wanted to talk more about the heart of it tonight though.  I think about my life and how busy I get every day, and it's really hard to break routine to add in another task.  I have to admit that reading the bible can be that thing for me that I find hard to "squeeze in".  But when I think about it, it's really just like exercising.  I know that I need to do it in order to have a healthier body, have more energy, and feel better each day, but getting myself to do it is another thing.  I've been doing Pilates for an hour 5 days a week for only the past 2 weeks but WOW! I am beginning to really reap the benefits of my labor.  I find myself looking forward to my Pilates each day now because I know how much better I feel after and how my body is really starting to change for the better.  Reading the bible is just like that for me.  Once I get it into my routine - usually drink my coffee while reading - I just feel like a new person.  I see God working in my life and I have such a new respect for what I do each day.  I enjoy making my husband happy and playing with my baby.  I also know that when those tough times in life hit, I don't have to look around and wonder where God is... just like a good friend that can so easily be put to the side and filtered out of your life, then when you need them the most you realize that you have no relationship with them. 
Now with that said, I really encourage you to pick up your bible and start by reading a Proverb a day.  God is so present in all of our lives and wants a relationship with us but He doesn't force it.  Sometimes all we need to do is pick up the phone and call that friend - or pick up the bible and open the prayer lines.
I know how blessed I am to have such an amazingly perfect little baby girl and to get to be married to my very best friend that I wonder what I ever deserved to get so much... but the thing is, I didn't do anything to deserve it!  God did it all!  He gave me a gift and all I had to do was accept it and that to me is the most amazing thing I have in my life! 

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