Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This Summer...

I am still SO not prepared for little Jackson's arrival! I have fabric coming in the mail for his bedding and all of his clothes are in bags still. Last week we got our Supplies Checklist from our midwives (yes I'm having a home birth like I did with Adelaide) and I can't believe we are so close already!
My plans for getting ready have been playing in my head over and over, and unfortunately until I know the exact day that he is coming I can't do much more planning. I know that very soon I will be putting my shop on "Vacation Mode" for one week and we will pre-make as many items as we can from my summer line and when the shop comes off of "Vacation Mode" everything will be ready-to-ship only. This is the only way that I can think of to keep the business running while I'm out of commission for a bit.
Karen has agreed to start taking pre-cut dresses home starting this week and doing extra after work and on weekends to help us tackle our current orders and I'm so grateful for that! I don't know what I would do without her!
I'm hoping that when I come back from Maternity leave ( I know, I still call it leave when my business is just downstairs) we can possibly keep the shop running as ready-to-ship only and see how that works out. I really, really want to start spending more time blogging, answering customer questions, and of course, browsing the internet for fun new fabrics! Since I still have no plans for a boys' clothing line I am hoping to do some much needed crafting and posting those to my blog as well as... yes, the long awaited patterns for sale! I hope to do some fun free tutorials as well.

My friend came over the other day and we made some headbands for our daughters and I had so much fun making something new! I'll be doing a tutorial of these for sure! I also want to make a sensory book for Jackson, some cute plush toys, and I've had an idea for a decoration in his room that would make a great how-to but I won't say what it is yet because it could turn out way different than what I'm imagining.
As for my husband, he has been helping a lot where he can when it comes to top-stitching sashes or making the flowers for the sashes or just watching Addy so I can get work done. He just got a job as a youth pastor at our church which is so exciting but I'm already missing him being home with me and doing his surprise clean-ups around the house, or fun day-dates with me and Addy. I know it is all for the better though. God definitely has a great plan in store for us and no matter what it is I am so willing to follow! He has never led us down a path that ended up nowhere.
Now our next step is praying for a bigger house in our very much-loved neighborhood that we can grow the business and our family in. We have a great home now and at one point it was our dream home, but we are hoping for a different flow that can accommodate more wonderful friends working here out of our home to help the business grow and help me get some more family time.
Well I am really going to try not to wait so long for the next blog so I will try and set aside some time for either a how-to craft or get some patterns done and out there.
Until then, I will keep all of you in my prayers! Love ya!  --- Heidi


  1. So many exciting things! It's amazing that your business has grown so quickly to where you need help! Your designs sure do attract fans :)

  2. This is fun reading because I feel like I'm where you were then right now. Preparing for another little one, not ready, trying to plan ideas to make/do things but also trying to figure out how the flow will continue when I'm "on leave".

    So do you and your husband both work on your boutique together? I guess that's something I didn't really realize before. But that's totally awesome! I'm excited to watch as your business grows and to feel like I'm a part of it (a tiny part).Congrats on all of your success!