Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcom to my World!

Most days I spend crawling on the floor with the cutest baby in the world! She would play Peek-A-Boo for hours if I let her.  She pushes anything that moves (her walker, chairs, books, her high chair, etc...) across the living room floor and usually ends up in the kitchen or the other way around.  She laughs with all her heart when our dogs growl or bark or make any kind of noise at all.  Although I love to sew and it is a means for me to stay home with my daughter, I feel like I can never spend enough time with her.  She makes me so incredibly joyful and thankful every new day with her!  Today, my friend Jessica came over to work with me (our husbands were having daddy-daughter time with our girls) and we were saying how much we love doing our businesses but when they conflict with spending time with our girls, those little babies of ours win every time!  When I need to get caught up on orders and really do need to spend some serious time sewing, I realize that Addy is never in the way, it's the sewing that gets in the way of my "play time".  I pray every single day that God will continue to guide me and show me signs that I should keep sewing by giving me motivation, encouragement, and of course sales, and He has blessed me greatly in these areas.  I hope that this balance of running a business and parenting can continue for a long time so that I can express my creativity and continue to create for my "Adelaide" customers who continually come back for more. 
I wanted to share my office with you guys and show you the small, yet wonderful space that I have to create my dresses.  I haven't picked out a paint color and there is still a LOT of organizing to do as every single nook and cranny is stuffed with fabric and I am quickly overflowing my room!
My husband thinks it's funny that I have 2 chairs for just me but it seriously does help me to move back and forth from my surger to my sewing machine quickly when I need to.  And yes, I feel like I run a fabric store sometimes but what can I say??  I always have my newest creation hanging on the side of my fabric shelf (see if you can spot it).   And that HUGE pile of dresses in the making... 18 to be exact.... makes me feel like I'm running a sweat shop!  Until the rest of my sizing tags come in the mail, the post-its safety pinned to the dresses with sizes on them will have to do for now :)  Unless major changes occur (like pregnancy of quadruplets) I don't think Adelaide's Boutique will be going anywhere for a long time - BUT, I will not stop praying for guidance every day.


  1. Hi Heidi! I have been your silent admirer of your creations for a while now. They are so darling and your baby/model is sooo adorable! I have a 5- month old baby girl and a 3 yr. old big sister. I have sewn a few outfits for them. I was just wondering where you buy your fabric by the bolt. It's probably cheaper that way. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jemi, that's awesome that you're sewing too! I am probably the worst person to give fabric buying advice as I buy from literally everywhere!, Joann Fabric and Craft,, and little local fabric stores... in a couple of weeks I will be going to the fabric district in L.A. to get some great priced fabrics. As far as buying by the bolt, you will almost always save money - if you have a wholesale license you can get about half off or more of fabrics (I can recommend a few great sites if you do). If not you can find wholesale sites that will sell to you without having to have a wholesale license like Art Gallery Fabrics and they have really nice fabric... the only catch is they sell by the 15yd bolt, so if you're making dresses to sell and you can use all of that fabric then I would say go for it! Also, just check on any sites or stores that you go to and they usually have a section for sale that is by the bolt. has some amazing fabric selections but they can get pretty pricey, I mainly buy from them out of convenience because of how well their site is set up and the free shipping. I really hope that helps a little! Have fun sewing!! -Heidi

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  4. I totally envy you for being able to stay home and be with your beautiful babygirl and have a job doing something you like and are super good at! I'm a single mom in the Marines,and if her daddy hadn't passed away I would've love to be in your shoes spending all my time with my princess. BTW i totally love your setup of where the magic happens. Things like that are exciting to me lol.