Sunday, July 17, 2011

The last 10 Months!!!

I wouldn't say that I'm exactly ready to have another baby, but putting away yet another pile of clothes that Addy has grown out of gets me sad.  I just can't believe how fast time is going by! I know everyone says that all the time but it feels like a lifetime ago that I had this tiny little newborn baby.  She was so small and practically always sleeping and oh... the falling asleep in my arms! That was the best!  I get so emotional pretty much every month that she gets older and I realize that she will never be this small again.  The way that she laughs just because I smile at her won't last for much longer.  Me and Butch want a big family so I know that, God willing, we will have those feelings and experiences again - but this, right now, just needs to slow down a little.  I love this little girl with all of my heart and am so blessed to have her in my life.  Every day I love her more and more and, although I'm really excited for the future I just want to enjoy this moment in time with her and Butch.
We are far from being financially well off, our house is FAR from being done, our cars (especially mine) can really suck sometimes, I sleep only a handful of hours each week, but I still love my life!  I can't imagine being anywhere else in life right now and I feel like it's not even fair how blessed I am.  I am thankful for my daughter and husband and all of our love.
Happy 10 months Addy!!

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