Friday, January 20, 2012

In the works...

I am currently working on putting all of my dresses into pattern-form. I will be opening another shop on Etsy soon where I will sell all of my patterns and include helpful tips and time-saving techniques that I've developed and found successful. This is going to be a big challenge for me, not only putting down on paper each and every dress style in each and every size but then to type step-by-step instructions for each one is something I'm not exactly looking forward to.
If you're wondering "why?" then, it's because once I'm done putting in all of the set-up time, I will be able to sell the patterns and have more time to spend with Addy and her new little brother. Since I'm due in June I think that's a good goal date to have it all done. The fun side of it for me will be creating new items! I LOVE making a new dress but don't always love making it over and over and over again.
When I was cleaning out my sewing room today I was thinking about what kind of patterns I could make that would be something completely new that I haven't seen yet and my brain just wouldn't stop. So I made a first trial and error (more error than trial) dress and gave up.  Then when I was feeding Addy breakfast I decided to roll her high chair into my sewing room and give it another try. I came up with my new all-time favorite dress design! As soon as I was done I took Addy out to the front yard and snapped some quick photos, edited them and uploaded them. And then came lunch... I did the same thing and started another dress of the same style to see if I really had it down and YES it is still my favorite! (I tend to think that every new dress is my new favorite).

So... if you are experienced at sewing or would like to learn how to from scratch then pull out your sewing machine, or do what I did and call your mom to borrow her 50 year old sewing machine, pick out some of your favorite fabrics at Joann, Hobby Lobby, or, and get ready to sew some super cute clothes!
I'm hoping to have at least 20 patterns in my shop before it is opened so that you have a variety to choose from.  The sizes will range from 6 months to 6 years.
My husband laughs when I tell him that I've been looking at some other dresses on Etsy and the creators have some really cute dresses but I know they are doing it the hard way and I just want to send them a message and throw out a helpful hint! But who am I to say that my way is better? I am definitely no pro! I just research like a crazy person to see if there are better ways to get the same result without sacrificing quality.
I hope that I don't kill myself in taking on this task but I know it will be worth it in the end. I can finally share all of my secrets with everyone and still make money! There are no plans to close Adelaide's Boutique so don't worry about that.
**On a side note, please pray for my mom who taken to the hospital last night after something that looked like a seizure caused something that looks like an aneurysm. I know it's vague but they are running tests today and I haven't heard anything new as to what it all really was. I don't live in CA anymore so my sisters are there with her and I really wish I could be too. If we find out anything bad I will be headed out there.  Thank you!


  1. Can't wait to see your new Etsy shop! I slightly addicted to buying new patterns, lol. I used to draft all my own patterns, but I got sick of trying to figure out sizing and decided it would be easier to just buy the patterns. I LOVE the dress Addy is wearing in the pictures!


    This is AWEOMSE Heidi!! I'm sooooo excited that you'll be selling patterns! I am having so much fun making dresses but I love the unique look and style of yours (and how they're so modest) I'd absolutely love to buy your patterns! And if you need pattern testers I'd love to sign up and let you know how the size fits! Although your Adelaide may be the same size as my lil J (2T?) so maybe you won't need that size.

    Either way I think this is a fabulous idea for you. I've seen pattern shop owners who have sold THOUSANDS and I'm just thinking "wow!! They are making bank off something they did ONCE!"

    I was going to ask if you had patterns in mind for your dresses but I didn't know if that was rude to ask since you're making your dresses to sell, but the family and time issue totally makes sense. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see your grand opening! I'll be there, and spreading the word! :D

  3. PS: I took some cute pics of that Paris dress (both of them!) I'll be sending them over asap!

  4. Hi!! I'm dying to know if you have started selling your patterns yet!! I'd LOVE to buy them, I'm completely in love with your dresses!! I just opened my own teeny tiny boutique, and I'd love to make them. :)