Friday, December 16, 2011

Some things happen in God's timing...

Just a fun little update I had to share!
Not only did we receive our November home loan statement last month to find out that we 'accidentally' over-payed by one month back in March so we didn't need to pay for November (really, who pays without remembering... apparently me because I do the bills!) but today we received a check in the mail for a few hundred dollars that says it's our escrow overpayment amount! I've always payed about $30-$40 more than what was due figuring it can't hurt, but apparently you need to fill something out stating exactly where you want the overpayment to be applied otherwise it goes nowhere, and in this case it came back to us! Then just now I opened our dreaded water bill, the last bill due this month to see what we owe, and it says "Do not Pay. Payment made using Credit" Meaning that again we over-payed and the extra amount covered this month's full payment!! Wow! Now that's how God works in our lives constantly!! He is AWESOME!!!!!!

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