Sunday, June 26, 2011

Christmas in July

I just couldn't wait so I'm putting up a sneak peak! Now only 181 days until Christmas :)  I am going to start my shopping EARLY this year!! I will update you on some ideas I have for gifts as they come but here are a few that can be found at Hobbly Lobby, Kirkland Home or any craft store really (Joann, Michael's) as well as your everyday Target and Wal-Mart:

-Apron (for girls from toddler to Grandma) - Also a great gift for couples and newlyweds! (Coordinating guy/girl aprons)
-Serving Set - Kirkland Home has these for like $8 each and they come with super cute napkins, a cutting board and cheese knife)
-Candles - Really you can't go wrong here!  Holiday scented candles are great for everyone!
-Movie night gift basket - These are awesome family gifts! Give them to neighbors, cousins, friends, whoever.  Buy one or two $5 movies from Wal-Mart or Target and fill the rest of the basket with candy, popcorn, and a leader of soda! (Baskets are under $4 at Wal-Mart)
-Movie theater gift certificates
-Coffee gift basket - Get the coffee mugs from a craft store and you can find monogrammed ones (people love monogrammed things because it lets them know that you bought the gift just for them specifically) and add a bag of ground coffee and some biscotti, and if you really want to fill it in get some cute coasters!
-A great simple gift is a cute cookie jar filled with some yummy cookies
-A clear vase filled with candy canes or mints (red and white mints) and two tones of green ornaments at the bottom is a fun little gift

Ok I will have much, much more to come!! As you can see I get in the holiday spirit pretty early on in the year, but what can I say, I just LOVE Christmas!  I can get all of my shopping out of the way early then when Christmas time comes it makes it so much easier to really enjoy it and to focus on the celebration of Jesus' birth which, after all, is the true meaning of Christmas!

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