Thursday, June 30, 2011

Proverbs 30

Today's Proverb is Proverbs 30.  There is a line of a verse in here that always catches my eye and it is in verse 8.  It says "...give me neither poverty nor riches..."  When I read this, the obvious is what always stands out, which is the "riches" part.  It reminds me that God does not call us to have riches.  I know that doesn't mean that if I do have riches I'm doomed, it's just a reminder that I shouldn't seek that.  But the part that stood out to me today was the "poverty" part.  Of course I don't ever want poverty!  But sometimes I think about financial stresses and think "oh well, I don't need to be rich" but what I should be focusing on is that God doesn't want us to live in poverty either.  He wants us to apply ourselves and work hard every day.  He wants us to not have our world revolve around money, whether it's getting more money or suffering because we don't have enough. 
One thing that me and Butch are striving to do is be debt free in 10 years (well starting last year so really 9).  We can't put anything on credit, and any extra money that comes in goes towards paying off current debt.  It's not the most fun thing right now, but I just keep thinking about that day when we have no mortgage payments, car payments, school loans, and credit card payments.  Oh what a day that will be!  Now only God knows what's to come in our lives, and more kids or any kind of emergency could add to that 10 years so all we can do is to focus on what's important, and money isn't it!

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